Raffles Peduli

Charlene Junus, the executive director and founder of this Raffles Peduli, aims to spark the creativity and joy to children who live in city shelters, on the streets, in an orphanage or surviving parents in crisis. Through this art program taking place in Regina Realty, educators and volunteering students donate their time and guidance to nurture the youth’s creativity and talents. Kids here are free to build trusting relationships with teaching artists naturally, learning to open up and bond in magnificent ways. Art is a universal language that can be used to communicate and express wondrous thoughts despite the physical and psychological walls built to keep them closed off from the rest of the world. This program targets to teach children how to survive their own lives with confidence, creativity and hope, and transform a time of instability and transition into a time for personal growth and development.


An Art Program that works together with Raffles Christian School and Regina Realty in South Jakarta that aims to enrich the creativity and imagination of underprivileged children from all cultures, backgrounds and abilities by providing free-of-charge art experiences whilst opening opportunities for them to fulfill their lives with a purpose, which is to give them the ability to learn how to earn for a living by selling their creations.


Our vision is to establish a strong relationship with young unfortunate children with the purpose of empowering them. With the help of our tools and knowledge, we will encourage them to seek their own artistic vision and maximize their creative potential.

Purchase wonderful gifts made by these creative children! All earnings will go back to them

WEEK 1 - JAN 2019

WEEK 2 - JAN 2019

WEEK 3 - JAN 2019

WEEK 4 - FEB 2019

WEEK 5 - FEB 2019

WEEK 6 - MARCH 2019

WEEK 7 - MARCH 2019

Art for Refugees

On October 7-9 2018, Charlene Junus, one of the group leaders, embarked on a journey to Cisarua Bogor with other Junior College One volunteers of Raffles Christian School with the mission the educate and bond with refugees. There were 2 learning centres that were visited— one in CRLC (Cisarua Refugee Learning Centre) and another in RLC (Refugee Learning Centre.) Charlene and her group taught Art and Crafts to the resilient refugees, expanding their imagination and enhancing their creativity. Interacting with colours, shape and laughter, these refugees had bliss in their smiles, warming many hearts as they listened to the teachings, were engaged with the activities and also opened up regarding their hardships and journeys. The trip was filled with heartfelt emotions and tears of joy. Although the mission was to teach refugees, it was, in fact, them who taught the volunteers more. They enthused them with their remarkable tales of their aspirations and faith, opening the eyes of Rafflesians. The journey to visit the refugees was really rewarding, completed with the value to have have hope and be optimistic in everything.